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Photo: Alan Rockefeller

The community's voice is needed to decriminalize entheogens in Eureka

If you would like to see entheogens decriminalized in Eureka, please email or call the Eureka City Council members. Please let them know why decriminalization would be beneficial for Eureka, and include your own stories of healing with entheogens if you feel comfortable doing so. It would be helpful to include recent studies supporting the healing benefits of these medicines. 

There is currently a bill in Ca that is trying to decriminalize entheogens (SB58), but there is no guarantee that this will pass, and even if it does it will not take effect until 2025. The Eureka community needs healing now! Let's be on the right side of history. 

Eureka City Council Emails and Phone Numbers

Council Member emails  and phone numbers:


Kim Bergel – 707-441-4200


Leslie Castellano - – 707-441-4169

Kati Moulton - – 707-441-4168

Scott Bauer - – 707-441-4167

G. Mario Fernandez - – 707-441-4171

Renee Contreras-DeLoach - – 707-441-4170

Example email:

Dear Mayor Bergel and Eureka City Council,


My name is _____________________, and I am affiliated with Eureka as a  (resident, business owner, frequent visitor, student). I am writing to encourage you to support Decriminalize Nature Humboldt’s resolution to decriminalize entheogens in Eureka.

Much scientific research is providing strong evidence for the healing properties of entheogenic medicines. For example, entheogens such as psilocybin containing mushrooms, could help to treat depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. I deeply care about the well-being of the Eureka community, and entheogens provide a pathway for healing. I am aware of SB58 which would decriminalize entheogens for California, but there is no guarantee of this passing, and if SB58 does pass it won't go into effect until 2025. The citizens of Eureka deserve the protection to heal with these medicines now.

For these reasons, I urge you to support the resolution to decriminalize entheogens in the city of Eureka with the Decriminalize Nature Humboldt model, so that the community may be protected to heal with these medicines. 




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